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Learn more with frequently asked questions.

For the surgical case, Kezah Global offers the following to their patients:

1. A 10% discount on their hospital bill
2. Free pick-up and drop from/to the airport
3. One free pick-up and drop from the hotel to the hospital and back per day
4. Free sim card
5. A dedicated case manager will be assigned to the patient
6. Best lowest price possible for the treatment

Yes, we give 10% on the quoted price, i.e., the final hospital bill, which only applies to Kezah Global patients.
The price includes surgery, doctor’s fees, standard prescribed tests, and all standard expenses.
India has some of the world’s best healthcare facilities, staffed by doctors with international qualifications & vast and varied experience. The cost of treatment is substantially lesser than in developed countries. Sometimes, the difference can result in as much as 60% savings. For patients, the result is a win-win situation: world-class medical attention, patient care services, and savings.
Our case manager will liaise between you and the hospital. He will arrange your appointments and the referrals needed for various services like the outpatient clinic, laboratory and pathology, medical imaging, and inpatient surgical procedures.
Yes, a case manager will be assigned to you to take care of you and be with you throughout all your medical needs.

Certainly, once you confirm your visit to India for medical treatment, we will help you with a visa invitation letter from the hospital. Please send us the following details via email if you want the concerned hospital to send a visa invitation letter to the Indian Embassy in your country:

1. Patient’s name and passport number
2. Medical escort’s name and passport number
3. Country name
4. Your tentative date of arrival for treatment
5. Patient’s medical reports

Yes, depending on your budget, we can arrange accommodation for you and your attendant close to the hospital at nearby guest houses, service apartments or luxurious 5-star hotels. The price range starts from $20 per day.